escape room

test your level and win prices

Escape room championships are organized in Belgium and Europe.

If you also plan to participate in a Championship Escape Rooms and you think your team is good enough, you can already test your level with us and compare it with other teams.

Teams that score in the top 20 at the time of play immediately win prizes

We will keep you informed of the planned championships.


how does it work

1. Book and play one of our Escape Rooms

When booking one of our rooms you automatically participate without additional registration.

You can view the current top 20 teams and their results in advance on the webpage of each escape room.

During the game, your progress is measured by many sensors. Tips are sent automatically when you don't make progress over a period of time. The length of that period is determined by your progress already made. Optionally, you can choose not to receive tips unless on request.

2. View and compare your result immediately after the game

In advance, you can see the current top 20 teams' scores on the scoreboard, with their times and number of tips (the current scoreboard can be found per room on the web pages at the bottom)Detective's Office  Bermuda Bank

Immediately after the game you get a graph of the progress and your result compared to other teams.

Odoo tekst en afbeelding blok

3. Get a score in the current top 20 and immediately receive your prize

The current top 20 are the 20 teams that achieved the highest score over the last year at the time you play.

The score is calculated as follows:

a maximum score, minus the time in seconds it takes, minus 300 per tip, minus 60 per incorrect solution or action (depending on the escape room, to prevent gambling)

We reserve the right to disqualify teams in the event of strong suspicion of insider trading.



1st place



valid for 2 years in our escape rooms

2nd-5th place



valid for 2 years in our escape rooms 

6th-20th place



valid for 2 years in our escape rooms