Virtual Reality experience

Play multiple VR mini-games  or choose any of the available VR-experiences or games. One player wears the VR-headset while others watch on a large display.



1 - 3 players

1 person with VR headset, the others via a monitor

1 Headset + 1 display

Cosy room with sofas and 4mx 4m play area


HTC ViVE VR headset demo

VR Games

a selection of our games to choose from


The Lab

A compilation of various VR experiences. Repair a robot, adopt a mechanical dog or defend a castle...



A  60min Escape Room. A large luxurious new apartment. 


budget cuts

Budget Cuts is a VR stealth game where you dexterously zip, sneak or Rambo your way forward through thrilling, oil-splatter filled combat.


escape room vr: stories

Try to escape from three different locations. Each room has three different endings, depending on the puzzles and riddles that the team has solved.

Odoo - Voorbeeld 2 voor drie kolommen

BElko VR

a 15min Escape Room