Bermuda mafia organization


BC Escape Room participants can earn immediate cash (and extra-illegal benefits)

If you made it to the BC Escape Room, then you are the perfect candidate for this job. You won't be dissapointed in this high tech, highly secured, modern office of the Bermuda Bank.  It will require diverse skills and precise execution to complete the job. Your progress is automatically tracked. If you do well, we will reward you.


Your score is automatically calculated and posted on the scoreboard immediately when you exit the bank. Depending on your position, you receive rewards:

  • 1st position: 50  immediate payback + 50 euro value in voucher for our next room 'The Recruit' (coming soon, 140m2, 2h, spy skills required)

  • 2nd position: 35  immediate payback

  • 3rd position: 20  immediate payback

  • 4 - 10th position: 10  immediate payback

Maybe you can steel some additional euros from customers at the bank as well. 

Check out the current scoreboard which shows the results of previous participants. We pay out each time a team ends up in a top 10 position. So the sooner you participate, the higher your chances are.


The score is calculated depending on your time, the number of hints, and penalties for triggering the alarm system.

  • 1s = 1 point

  • 1 hint = 300 points

  • 1 alarm triggering = 60 points

Hints are provided automatically depending on your progress.

How to participate

Book a session at the Bermuda Bank before June 30th

Enter the CVC code as a voucher code. You find it on the back of the credit card of Jeff Clayton (which you received in the invitation letter).

Bring the credit card when visiting the Bermuda Bank.  You will need it.

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