TeamPLAY, suspense, excitement and fun 

Een leuke beleving met vrienden, familie of collega's.

Lukt het jullie om binnen de 60 minuten te escapen uit één van onze rooms?

Realistische verhaallijnen en originele puzzels!

vanaf 9 juni mogen wij weer onze deuren openen!

we verheugen ons erop jullie weer te mogen ontvangen!

Bekijk hier onze maatregelen voor uw en onze veiligheid


Live Escape rooms


Detective's Office

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 Bermuda Bank

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 The Recruit


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Sanne Vanderstraeten , Sep 3, 2020


Kim Hiel , Feb 15, 2020

Great experience and definitely worth repeating. This was the first time I had an escape room and we had a good time. With 5 people it was a bit chaotic but it was definitely recommended. The riddles on the other hand were good in terms of difficulty and more than enough room for everyone to do their thing. Really recommended!

Patricia Hoed , Dec 16, 2019

Amazing escape game! Clever clues, nice and original set up, a real story to follow and a mystery to solve! I recommend it!

Toni Van de Voorde , Mar 28, 2019

Great location, great hosts! I organised the escape for +20 people and everybody found it really cool. And the escape room itself is really challenging requiring you to work in team! I had to pleasure to do an escape room before and I found this one slightly better. Everything is thought through, even when you need tips it's amazingly done! In may I go back to try out the bermuda bank! I can't wait! Thank you Kim and your partner!

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