Questions and Answers

You are welcome at the time you reserved. It is not necessary to come earlier, in order to give each team as much time as possible to complete their escape experience properly.

If your team members come separately, you can arrange to meet in one of the facilities within walking distance (see below: Which facilities are within walking distance?)

  • Italian restaurant Il Sorrent
  • cafe Jim & Jimy's

You can combine an escape room with a walk in the Hallerbos

Unfortunately that is not possible. The rooms have been tested for their maximum number of players. This keeps the game fun for everyone to play.

What languages can the rooms be played in?

All rooms can be played in English, Dutch or French. You can select your language during reservation.  

If you send us an email, stating the occasion, it is possible to include a gift, card, if desired in the game. It is best delivered no later than 2 hours before the reservation, so that we have time to process it in the game. This can be done at the address: Kerkstraat 41, 1653 Dwerp. We will send an email with maximum dimensions of the gift. 

Even if you have claustrophobia or don't like small spaces, you can play along (we've already had several clients). If you indicate this, we will ensure that you can leave the room at all times. Some rooms also have small spaces, you don't have to go in there, one of the other team members can do that too. It is not necessary that every team member has been in every room. 

Our rooms are also suitable for pregnant women. 

From the age of 16, the Escape Rooms can be played without adult supervision/participation.

Especially for families it is very nice to play an Escape Room together. Children of any age are most certainly welcome! They are included in the maximum number of people per room. 

That's certainly possible. You can send us an email with the requested date and time you wish to play. Then we will make the booking.